Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is that a corporate shall bear legal liability and take the responsibility for shareholders and employees consumers, communities and environment as well. Corporate social responsibility requires that a corporate shall surpass the tradition idea of considering profits as the exclusive objective, emphasizes the attention on people’s value during the production, and the contributions to environment, consumers and social.

Carbon Emission Information Disclosure

Recently, CSRC gradually strengthens and perfects the compulsory requirements of environment information disclosure for listed company, conducts supervision of social responsibility of environmental protection performance.

Treasure Carbon Services:

√ Assist enterprises select suitable information disclosure standards, confirm disclosed carbon emission information, prepare in advance, meet the compulsory supervision request from government求
√ Provide with targeted advices by consideration of enterprise carbon emission data, help enterprise avoid negative news of carbon emission.
√ Provide with consultation and guidance service for filling in CDP questionnaire
√ Provide with product carbon footprint calculating and third-party verification service.

Carbon Neutral

Carbon neutral: enterprises/activities/individuals neutralize carbon emission through their emission reduction measures and outsourcing of emission reduction allowance and achieve zero net growth greenhouse gas emission. Applicable scope covers enterprises, projects, products, activities, buildings, communities, individuals, etc.

Treasure Carbon Services:
√ Enterprise/activity/individual carbon emission calculation service
√ Carbon neutral strategy formulation and compilation of carbon emission reduction plan
√ Implement energy performance contracting project, reduce carbon emission
√ Carbon emission reduction indicator purchasing service
√ Carbon emission neutralization service
√ Third-party verification service
√ Media publicity service