Carbon Finance

Finance is a financial market with carbon assets as the basis and core, and is the important part of green finance. Regarding function, there are 3 categories for carbon finance products:
1)Exchange tool
A basic tool for carbon finance products, including carbon allowance and CCER spot products, and derivatives such as carbon forward, carbon swap and carbon futures.
2)Financing tool
Carbon assets pledge, carbon assets lease, carbon assets buy-back, carbon funds, carbon bond, etc.
3)Supporting tool
Carbon insurance, carbon index, etc.

Treasure Carbon will provide emission control enterprises, related organizations and individuals listed in nationwide carbon market and each pilot market with a series of carbon finance matchmaking and innovation service, and meet enterprises’ requirements of financing and value maintaining and increasing by using carbon assets.

Carbon Finance Matchmaking

Treasure Carbon Services:

Treasure Carbon can help enterprises integrate with financing institutions for above mature carbon finance products. 

Carbon Finance Innovation

Treasure Carbon Services:

Coordinate the needs among enterprises, carbon exchange competent departments, financing institution and exchanges, facilitating the implementation of carbon finance innovation products in line with the characteristics of enterprises.