Low-carbon Capacity Building

Treasure Carbon will provide for emission control enterprises listed in nationwide carbon market and each pilot market with a series of training services, perform carbon policy, carbon emission calculating and accounting, carbon exchange, carbon assets management related capacity building training to personnel from different levels of enterprises, assist enterprises’ management understand national carbon policy, formulate rational enterprise low-carbon strategy, and help implementers obtain expertise capacity of developing carbon business. 

√ Customize training courses according to requirements from enterprises and carry out one to one training
√ Carbon market policy interpretation and analysis
√ Interpretation in detail of enterprise production related carbon emission calculating guidance
√ Open carbon account and interpret relevant carbon exchange rules
√ Share management operation strategy of carbon assets
√ Case study and simulation of carbon calculating, carbon emission submission, carbon inspection, carbon exchange, carbon assets and carbon performance guarantee

By low-carbon capacity building, enterprises can

1、Know the latest policy, rule and allowance allocation method of carbon market
2、Strengthen enterprises’ capacity of carbon emission calculation, data verification and submission, independently perform carbon calculation activity
3、Obtain the method of realizing allocation optimization of carbon assets and reducing the cost of performance guarantee by carbon assets management, and is able to seize the opportunity of carbon assets exchange.
4、Deepen the understanding of low-carbon strategy and sustainable development.