Emission Control Enterprise Performance Guarantee

Treasure Carbon will provide emission control enterprises listed in nationwide carbon market and each pilot market with a series of consultation and management services, including management of low-carbon consultation, enterprise carbon emission, carbon assets, and help emission control enterprises straighten out carbon emission management process, strengthen carbon assets management capacity, and practically reduce the cost of carbon emission performance guarantee.

Low-Carbon Management Consultation

Treasure Carbon Services:

1)Low-carbon strategic consultation: according to the industrial characteristics, the position in the industry and the practical carbon emission of enterprises, assist enterprises to bring low-carbon development into corporate strategic planning, realize low-carbon transition, reduce risks from climate, regulations and market, and acquire higher economic benefits and competitiveness in the international and domestic markets by using Treasure Carbon specialized knowledge and low-carbon management and consultation experience.

2)Construction and maintenance of enterprise carbon emission information management system assists enterprise to build carbon emission information management system, use informationalized means to manage carbon emission data and help with drafting related job description, standard operation and work book and straightening up carbon assets management mechanism from the organization level.

Enterprise Carbon Emission Management

Treasure Carbon Services:

1)Enterprise carbon emission calculating and accounting Help enterprise calculate direct or indirect total greenhouse gas emissions in each step of production activities, compile carbon emission report and cope with the third-party review.

2)Establishment, operation and maintenance of enterprise carbon emission information management system Help enterprise establish carbon emission information management system, manage carbon emission data by means of information, guide for rational allocation of carbon assets, perform carbon emission analysis from big data, and provide with rational recommendations for energy conservation and emission reduction.

Enterprise Carbon Assets Management

Treasure Carbon Services:

1)Carbon trusteeship Accept authorization from enterprises for autonomous management of enterprise carbon assets, help enterprise with timely full amount of performance guarantee and share benefits with enterprises.

2)Carbon exchange, greenhouse gas emission permit exchange Enterprises acquire carbon emission allowance or greenhouse gas emission reduction targets from another party by payment to fulfill their obligation of performance guarantee; or enterprises sell their surplus carbon emission allowance to demanding parties.