MEE announced the duty of Department of Climate Change and its structure


Source: Ministry of Ecology & Environment (MEE)

Main duty of the Department of Climate Change

The main duty of the Department is to deal with the issue of climate change and reduce the emission of greenhouse gas (GHG). The Department will act as the principal to work with UN regarding to climate change, while also be responsible for contacting international organizations for meetings and conferences. The Department will also lead the work in education, capacity building and low-carbon promotion.

Structure of the Department

The Department has 5 agencies.

The first one is the administration office, which is responsible for admin duties and coordinate other works such as capacity building, research, financing and legal matters.

The second one is the strategic research office, which is responsible for researching low-carbon development, policy research, strategic planning and assume any other tasks received from the National Dealing-with-Climate Change Leaders’ group.

The third one is the domestic policy and compliment office, which is responsible for assessing and verifying several compliance of O-zone protection Agreement, greenhouse gas emission target, emission trading and CDM projects. The office will also work on setting emission standard, climate change risk assessment and low-carbon technology collection.

The fourth one is the international policy and negotiation office, which is responsible for researching foreign policies on climate change, drafting for the international climate change negotiation, and organizing any international discussion, conference or negotiation.

The fifth one is the foreign affairs and communication office, which is responsible for the develop the communication with international and foreign organizations and NGOs, including South-South Corporation Organization.