French Foreign Minister, China Foreign Minister and UN Secretary-General meeting for climate change


French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, China Foreign Minister Wang Yi and UN Secretary-General António Guterres joined at a meeting before the COP 24 to discuss multiple international issues including climate change, environmental conservation, global poverty and inequality. During the meeting the three agreed that it requires the effort from the entire human kind to solve those issues while reach sustainable development. The meeting also came forward to the following results:

1.   1. All participants recognise the challenge of climate change with a report from UN IPCC that present the facts about climate change. Climate change is threatening the global development and such threat must be addressed immediately.

2.    2. France and China will follow the Paris Agreement and commit to reach the deals that made in the Agreement.

3.    3. All participants the UN Climate Change Summit that will take place in Sept 2019 should be the corner stone of the whole world combating climate change.

4.    4. France and China will focus on providing funds regarding to climate change to developing nations. GCF (Green Climate Fund) will play a major role in the funding which aims to promote green finance.

5.    5. All participants will devote to help the public to understand the Paris Agreement and ensure the transform of corporations so that they will be ready to deal with climate change.

6.    6. All participants agree to collaborate on climate change and biodiversity projects.