Chengdu published the Guidelines on Carbon Neutrality, pushes “zero emission”


Chengdu published the Guidelines on Carbon Neutral for businesses and individuals during the 2018 Low-Carbon Forum on Dec. 27th. Carbon Neutral aims to compensate the carbon emission by planting trees, adopting energy-saving or the purchase of carbon credits. Carbon Neutral has become a mainstream emission reduction method for international events.

The carbon emissions during the Forum was calculated by summing up the transportation emission, power consumption and the emission made by individuals. “The time of achieving carbon neutral should be within a year if via purchasing carbon credits; if choosing trees planting for carbon neutral then the time of achieving neutral should be with 20 years”, said the Forum Hosts.

During the Forum, five Chengdu businesses received low-carbon certifications as well. Since 2016, there are 15 businesses received in total of 24 low-carbon certificates in Chengdu.