Energy Internet 2.0 Big Data Platform Reviewing Meeting is a big success


The reviewing meeting hosted by Committee of China Energy Conservation Association, Alliance of Carbon Emission Trading and Tellhow-Treasure Carbon Guizhou on May.12th was centered around creating an integrated low-carbon service provider with the big data platform as the foundation. The Big Data Platform is produced by Tellhow-Treasure Carbon Guizhou, which is a joint venture between Tellhow Sci-Tech and Shanghai Treasure Carbon. According to Tellhow-Treasure Carbon COO Can Zeng, the Big Data Platform provides four key services which are, carbon asset management, energy consumption monitoring, green finance service and consumption reduction service. The platform targets six types of customers, which are emitters (corporations emit greenhouse gas), energy-saving service providers, financial institutions, government departments, energy companies and carbon asset management companies. Can Zeng also stated during the meeting that the development of the platform is not finalized – they are looking at furthering the platform to be an ultimate service provider by constant improving through time.

(Susan speaks at the meeting)

(Representatives exchanging ideas during the meeting)