Treasure Carbon Joined the Discussion between Globo Hydro Power (GHP) and Changzhou Government


GHP, a new-energy company which specialize in Hydro-power technology and products, is referred to Changzhou Government by UNDP as a collaborative partner. On Jan. 28th, Development and Reform Commission of Changzhou, together with GHP hold a technology symposium that attended by UNDP, State Power Investment Corporation, Treasure Carbon, Changchai China, CRRC Qishuyan Locomotive Co., Ltd and other government departments. The symposium was hosted by Jianjiang Zhu, Deputy Director of Development and Reform Commission of Changzhou.

During the symposium, Weidong Zhang, Supervisor of UNDP China Sustainability Development Projects, introduced the collaboration of UNDP and China on hydro-power projects. GHP then proceeded to introduce its hydro-power technology.

GHP is an Australia based hydro-power company which its products and technology are verified by EPA. GHP’s products are widely used in Australia. GHP is currently working with UNDP to commercialize its products all over the globe while entering China is a vital part of its commercialization plan. GHP’s technology is highly regarded by the representatives from companies and government during the symposium; Development and Reform Commission of Changzhou will lead the corporation with GHP to discuss the feasibility of implementing GHP’s technology and products in Changzhou.