Title: Bond Department- intern

Number: 1
1. Assist with work related to laws, security, etc.
2. Other assistant routine work
3. Other assignments
1. Familiar with Office software, including Excel, Word, etc.
2. Strong learning capacity, good at communicating, have responsibilities, willing to learn
3. Junior or second-year graduate student, man and women, major of law, finance
4. At least 4 working days 
Salary: 120 RMB/day, 20 RMB of meal subsidy

Title: Regional sales manager

Number: 2
1. Contact emission control enterprises, provide them with necessary consultation services including carbon assets management
2. Applicable services of carbon assets management or carbon finance protocol by working with Operation Dept.
3. Necessary allowance needs or CCER needs exchange services for emission control enterprises to implement low-cost performance guarantee
4. Development and follow-up of domestic low-carbon investigating projects, and seek for opportunity of carbon finance services
5. Business development and sales of designed innovative products
1. Bachelor or higher degree
2. Over 3 years direct market experience
3. Suit to be away on official business for a long period of time or work out of the city, strong tolerance to stress
4. Strong ability of market analysis, marketing, promotion, good ability of communication, coordination, and problem analysis and solving.
5. Familiar with photovoltaic, distributed photovoltaic or new energy industry preferred
Salary: 8-12k