in November, 2010, Shanghai Treasure Carbon New Energy Environmental Protection Technology Ltd. always adheres to the philosophy of low-carbon value creator, concentrates on China low-carbon market, and dedicates to become low-carbon manager for co-operatives. Treasure Carbon is a domestic well-known integrated service provider for low-carbon industry, delivering services including carbon emission reduction project development, performance guarantee service of carbon (covering carbon emission calculating, carbon assets management, carbon exchange, carbon financial service, low-carbon capacity building), carbon information disclosure and carbon neutral for carbon emission reduction enterprises, emission control enterprises and other carbon market participators.

As one of the biggest carbon assets development and management institutions in China, Treasure Carbon serves upstream and downstream of low-carbon industrial chain, customizes services on the basis of different customer requirement, and helps customers with realization of carbon assets benefit maximization on the basis.

Treasure Carbon has provided customers from different industries with Chinese Certified Emission Reduction (CCER) project development and exchange services for, and also tens of millions profits every year. On March 9, 2015, Treasure Carbon exchanges 20 tons CCER with Guodian Longyuan in Guangzhou Exchange, realizing first spot exchange of CCER in China, which open the passage for carbon allowance and CCER.

Treasure Carbon also helps emission control enterprises, including CR Power to build low-carbon capacity, promotes corporate low-carbon consciousness, and helps Sherengy to exchange allowance with CCER and achieves performance guarantee with low cost. Meanwhile, Treasure Carbon also provides enterprises withvarious carbon assets management strategy service and assists them to perform various carbon financial innovations, for exampleit cooperated with Bank of Shanghai and conducted first Chinese Certified Emission Reduction pledge in China, and merely used CCER as pledge security, which practically reduced the credit threshold of middle and small-sized enterprises, effectively vitalized the carbon assets and expanded development space of enterprises. The first carbon fund set up with Haitong and the firs trust plan founded with AJC in China for investing Chinese Certified Emission Reductions both have gave full play to the linkage between financial capital and entity economy, and leaded green economy development through financial resource allocation and price leverage.

In addition, Treasure Carbon is also an enterprise of contract energy management service registration in Shanghai, and third-party inspection organization for carbon emission in Sichuan Province, providing energy auditing, carbon information disclosure, contract energy management and finance lease service for customers. By meeting the requirements of investment and financing for enterprises, contributes jointly to clean and sustainable development in China with enterprises.

Expertise capacity of Treasure Carbon team wins wide market recognition, and establishes long-term cooperation with a number of large-scale or private enterprises including China Power Investment, State Grid, CR Power, Guodian Longyuan, China Datang New Energy, Guoneng Energy Group, Sherengy Group, Tianrun New Energy, Hareonsolar, Green Giant, Shenhua Group, Aluminum Corporation of China Limited. China Merchants New Energy.

As an enterprise with strong sense of social responsibility, Treasure Carbon also consistently practices the philosophy of low-carbon environmental protection. Treasure Carbon is the sponsor for consecutive two campaigns of Shmarathon Low-carbon Environmental Protection Charity Jogging, providing carbon neutral service for the competitions with objective to actively promote carbon neutral in China.