Zhu Weiqing

Chairman of the board and CEO
Master of marketing, graduated from University of Durham, China famous low-carbon economist one of the first forerunners participating China carbon exchange, founder of Shanghai Treasure Carbon New Energy Environmental Protection Technology Ltd. , Hong Kong substation of Shanghai Environment Energy Exchange and the first low-carbon funds and trust in China as a council member of China and Globalization Research Center, external low-carbon think tank expert of Hong Kong Finance Academy, she is absorbed in low-carbon market in China, invests and develops a large number of carbon assets with high quality, signs strategic cooperation agreements with large-scale enterprises and performs carbon calculating, and manages carbon assets of several listed companies.

Zhao Ying

Chief Engineer
Bachelor of Science, senior engineer
Since 2005, she has begun to conduct CDM projects capacity building and project development, registration, and issuing of tens of CDM and VER projects. She has rich experience of project review and emission reduction inspection, and also is good at project evaluation, risk assessment and set up of enterprise carbon assets management system, etc.

Dou Yonghua
Director of Operation

Master of Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University. Climatic variation lead auditor. Served as climatic variation lead auditor for Bureau Veritas. Familiar with development, judgment and inspection process of CDM, VSC and CCER projects. Successfully developed, registered or issued over 100 CDM, VCS and CCER projects. Familiar with various domestic and overseas carbon accounting, carbon footprint standards. Participated in the building and implementation of carbon assets management system for several domestic and overseas enterprises.